Picking the Best Dentist for Your Child

The pediatric dentist you choose for your child has a big impact. Choosing a personable dentist who matches your child’s needs and personality will not only serve their immediate oral health well but also help your child see dentists as friendly professionals they look forward to visiting. These early childhood experiences can truly leave a lifelong impression.

Here are 10 signs that a prospective pediatric dentist is the right choice for your child.

1. A good pediatric dentist should encourage your child to ask questions.

Visits to the dentist are also valuable learning opportunities. Kids often have many questions running through their minds, and a great dentist encourages them to ask away! An experienced pediatric dentist knows how to answer questions in ways that are age-appropriate and understandable while simultaneously quelling any worries.

2. They engage your child in their dental care.

An important part of routine checkups and cleanings is educating kids on why dental care is important and how to take care of their teeth at home. A great dentist is also going to teach your child about different dental instruments, explain why they are using them, and elicit excitement and intrigue about proper dental care.

3. A good pediatric dentist makes your child smile, laugh, and enjoy themselves.

A pediatric dental practice shouldn’t feel like a stuffy, uptight environment. A welcoming pediatric dentist runs a practice that encourages kids to smile, laugh, and have fun. This doesn’t necessarily mean their dental office is an overstimulating space, but rather one where kids feel at ease.

4. They go at your child’s pace to make them feel comfortable.

Some children need a bit more time to feel comfortable in the dental chair before moving forward with an evaluation, cleaning, or treatment. A talented pediatric dentist will pick up on your child’s cues and ensure they are moving at a pace that’s comfortable rather than overwhelming. A great dentist will also remind your child that they can stop or take a break whenever your child needs to.

5. Their team is equally passionate about working with kids.

Your child will spend just as much time interacting with your dentist’s team as they will their dentist. A great pediatric dentist knows this and carefully selects their assistants, hygienists, and office staff to complement the welcoming, friendly atmosphere they’ve created for their young patients. For this reason, a sign of a great kids’ dentist is a talented team that immediately makes your child feel happy and comfortable.

6. Their office is designed to make kids feel welcome.

A pediatric dentist works only with children, and their office should reflect that. An experienced pediatric dentist is well aware of how impactful a child’s environment is when it comes to making them feel welcome. They design their reception area and exam rooms in a way that says, “We love kids and want them to have fun here!” Look for exciting colors on the walls, books and games in the reception area, and art or posters in the patient rooms.

7. A good pediatric dentist is eager to chat and value your input as a parent.

As a parent, no one knows your child as well as you do. A great pediatric dentist recognizes this and shows that they value your input as a parent. They are eager to chat with you, answer your questions, or discuss treatment options, and they ensure you’re both on the same page regarding your child’s oral health. Another sign of a great dentist is that they follow up with you after a visit if your child goes back for their appointment without you.

8. They are trained in accommodating children with special needs.

A great pediatric dentist not only welcomes children with special needs but also tailors their care to meet unique medical and behavioral needs as well. For example, a passionate kids’ dentist takes additional educational courses to provide exceptional care for children who have specific needs. Another great example of an ideal pediatric dentist is one who designs their practice to be easily accessible.

9. A good pediatric dentist has gone the extra mile in their education and training.

The difference between a general dentist who works with children and a dedicated pediatric dentist is the extra education and training in kid-specific dental care. A passionate pediatric dentist proudly displays their credentials, including certifications and continuing education courses they’ve completed to further develop their skills and expertise.

10. They make your child look forward to their next visit.

The most obvious sign that you’ve found the perfect dentist for your child? Your child is eager to see them again for another visit! If everything else checks out and your child’s personality meshes well with the dentist and their team, chances are you’ve found a place that you can confidently make your child’s dental home.

Your Child’s Dental Home in Waldorf or Prince Frederick, Maryland

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