Fun Summer Activities To Create Lasting Memories for Your Kids

Once school lets out, many parents are left wondering what they can do to ensure that their children have a fun, productive, and healthy summer. Here in Waldorf, MD, there is a wide range of excellent summer activities for kids that you can take advantage of.

1. Start a summer reading list.

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean your children have to stop reading. An independent summer reading list is a great opportunity for your children to continue to learn while also enjoying more freedom to explore their own interests.

While school might have a stricter reading list, your children can take the summer to try reading something more outside the box. There is a variety of fantastic graphic novels for middle schoolers that they’ll genuinely love reading.

2. Take in a Blue Crabs game.

Southern Maryland’s baseball team, the Blue Crabs, is based right here in Waldorf at the Regency Furniture Stadium. You can take the family to an exciting Atlantic League of Professional Baseball game and enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

The team has dozens of home games over the course of the summer. They also have many theme nights planned, including fireworks nights that your children are sure to love.

3. Ice skate … in the summer!

The Capital Clubhouse Recreation Center is open year-round in Waldorf, with a wide range of ice skating events that your family can take part in. They offer regular public skates that let you and your family enjoy skating throughout the summer.

They also have a range of learn-to-skate programs for children of all ages. If your kids haven’t tried it before, this summer could be the perfect chance to discover the joy of skating. It’s a great way to beat the heat on super sunny days!

4. Try out fun-and-healthy snacks.

Snacks are a hallmark of summer, and there are all kinds of special treats to enjoy. However, any children’s dentist in Waldorf will let you know that many of these treats aren’t great for their teeth or their health in general.

Don’t worry… you can still provide your kids with a range of delicious snacks with these healthy food alternatives. You can substitute natural fruit snacks for many unhealthy ones, with berries being particularly popular among children. If you need something to be a bit sweet, try going with all-natural honey instead of refined sugar.

5. Mini-golf and more!

Mini-golf is a favorite among summer activities for kids that you can take part in right here in Waldorf. Scary Strokes is a fantastic family fun center that offers mini-golf, an arcade, and even a virtual reality feature.

Your kids are sure to love the highly themed, blacklight mini-golf filled with haunted house favorites. The unique theming is incredibly atmospheric but isn’t overwhelming for even the youngest mini-golfers.

6. Give summer bowling a go.

Bowling is another wonderful family activity that can fill up an afternoon without breaking the bank. You can visit AMF Waldorf Lanes for a tremendous bowling experience that will leave your kids overjoyed.

The bowling alley features blacklight bowling, and the entire facility has an incredibly unique design. You can grab a bite to eat or a full meal from their menu. They even have an arcade, so you could really make a full day of your visit.

7. Teach your kids about oral hygiene.

You want summer to be fun but also healthy. Your children’s dentist will tell you the importance of starting your kids out on the right foot. You can take this opportunity to teach your kids about oral hygiene and establish good brushing and flossing routines.

8. Visit the James E. Richmond Science Center.

This unique science center is a community resource that provides learning opportunities in science, history, and more. They feature shows, events, and even summer day camps that can be a great opportunity for your kids to learn while also keeping them out of your hair for the day.

9. Check out the Dr. Samuel Mudd House & Museum.

You can take your children to see an interesting footnote in history at the Dr. Samuel Mudd House & Museum. This is the home of the doctor who set the leg of John Wilkes Booth after he broke that leg jumping from the balcony where he assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

10. Visit your children’s dentist in Waldorf!

While summer is a great time for fun, it’s no excuse to ignore the importance of oral health. You can visit a children’s dentist in Prince Frederick for the regular exams and cleanings needed to maintain oral health.

Of course, a children’s dentist in Prince Frederick can also help with any unexpected issues over the course of the summer. We Make Kids Smile is your premier children’s dentist in Waldorf and Prince Frederick. Simply contact us today to schedule an appointment if your kids are due!

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