Parents can help boost their child’s self-esteem.

Believe it or not, parents are a child’s biggest role models, and parents can have a huge influence on how children act and think of themselves. But how can you, as a parent, help to influence your child’s confidence?

1. Set an example.

The easiest way for parents to help their child boost their self-esteem is by setting an example. How does a parent do that? It’s pretty easy: Just talk about yourself the way you would want someone else to talk about you and others. Another simple way to do that is by not putting people down but instead talking about their positive qualities. If you wouldn’t want your child to talk bad about themselves because they got a bad grade in school, for example, then don’t berate them either. Instead, turn that negative into a positive by praising them for something else they did excel in, perhaps a different subject. While you do need to address the negative, the idea is to not harp on it but to instead push the focus to something positive that is happening to your child.

2. Compliments go a long way.

Remember to take the time out each and every day to compliment your child, and not just on their appearance. Take the time to praise how your child handles a difficult situation, like maybe how they resolved a disagreement with friends. Tell your child you appreciate their empathy and are glad they acknowledge the feelings of others. Compliments can go a long way to build your child’s self-esteem.

3. Choose your words intentionally.

Words can have a huge impact, so when you are speaking to your child, be sure you choose your words carefully, both when you are praising them and when you are critiquing them.

Researchers found that children whose parents called them smart and praised them for being strong academically sometimes had a hard time accepting failure. Instead, researchers found that praising children for their hard work in school made it easier for the children to handle failure when it happened.

Researchers also have suggested that for every 10 compliments of praise you give your child, there should be one negative. That doesn’t mean you need to harp on their failures or find things to critique them on, but rather point out the great things your child is doing, which can be anything from brushing their teeth twice a day to finishing all of their homework on time. Raising a child’s self-esteem is about pointing out the little things they master just as much as praising the bigger accomplishments.

4. Validate your child’s feelings.

Not everyone can have a good day all the time. Maybe your child has fears and anxieties that make certain activities more difficult for them. As a parent, it is your job to help address those anxieties and let your child know that fear is a common emotion to have. The best way you can help your child overcome these fears and anxieties is by talking with them. Allow your child to express their feelings and emotions, then help them talk through their feelings. By validating your child’s feelings, you can help them grow emotionally, which will do wonders for their self-esteem.

5. Schedule regular preventive dental appointments.

Having good teeth can also help with your child’s self-esteem, so ensuring they get regular checkups will not only help their dazzling smile but also benefit their overall health. If your child hasn’t seen us in a while, schedule an appointment to see our team at We Make Kids Smile today! We’d love to see your child at least twice a year for preventive dental evaluations and cleanings.

Additionally, if your child has teeth that haven’t come in straight, they may be interested in getting braces to help straighten their smile. Allow your child to express an interest in seeing an orthodontist, and help your child understand the benefits of having braces, as well as what goes into wearing them. Your child will appreciate the time you are taking to help them make changes that can impact their life.

6. Take time for you.

Don’t forget to take time out for yourself as a parent. We all need to recharge, and sometimes, being our best self includes some time without the kids. Take a night out with friends, attend a book club, or just take a walk alone. Taking time for yourself shows your child that it is OK to do so. Self-care is the best care!

You’re doing a good job.

The fact that you’re here reading this means you are a parent who is interested in doing the best they can for their child. No parent is perfect, but you are learning and growing and looking for ways to parent your child better. We’ll repeat it, because parents don’t hear it often enough: You are doing a good job!

We are always happy to partner with parents in making sure their child has the best and brightest future. A little support can make all the difference sometimes, for both you and your child. If you have any dental questions, we are a phone call away!

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