Fall into fun with autumn activities you can do with your young children.

The air has started to turn a bit crisp and temperatures are cooler, which means fall has arrived. There are so many fun fall activities you can do with your young children during this time of year. Take a look at some of our favorite fall activities!

1. Go on a nature walk.

Before the temperatures become really cold, take the opportunity to get outside and explore nature! Visit a local park or nature center and go on a walk to explore what is in your own backyard. See if you can identify any animals or plants you find. Take a look around and pick up sticks, rocks, or leaves you can use in a craft at a later date (perhaps even a leaf wreath from point #6). The idea here is to just get outside, get moving, and explore the world around you! Prince George’s County in Maryland has many trails of different difficulties and different path conditions. Take a look at these maps to find the perfect trail for you and your family. As a bonus, pack a snack or lunch for a picnic later on.

2. Visit a pumpkin patch.

You can’t think of fall and not think of a pumpkin patch! Shlagel Farms in Waldorf, MD, allows you to pick your own pumpkins from the field. Children of all ages, and even the adults, love picking out their own pumpkins, finding the perfect shape and size. Some pumpkins patches also offer hayrides, so take the family along and make a morning of it!

Once those pumpkins are home, it’s time to decorate them! Younger children can use stickers to decorate their pumpkins, or draw on them with markers or paint. Older children and adults can express their creativity and carve pumpkins in the traditional way.

3. Take the family apple picking.

Another great outdoor family fun fall activity is apple picking. Take the entire family to a local orchard and learn about the many different types of apples that are grown there. Some orchards will even offer a taste test, so you can decide which apples you want to pick. You can even make a game out of it by telling the young ones to pick five or 10 apples to put into your apple stash. It’s a great game to play with the little ones who are learning how to count.

4. Get lost in a maize maze.

Corn mazes are another great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh crisp fall air. A corn maze gives children the chance to run around a bit and burn off some energy. It can be fun to hide and play among the corn stalks. If there are multiple children in the family, break off into groups with an adult and have a “race” to see which group can make it through the corn maze the fastest! Looking for one close by? Check out Forrest Hall Farm in Mechanicsville, MD.

5. Stock up at a farmers’ market.

What’s a great way to get outside and find some fresh farm produce? A farmers’ market! Here, the kids can explore in-season produce and pick out items for meal and snack times. You can also pick out pumpkins, squash, and corn to use as decorations around the house. Try Waldorf Farmers’ Markets for a local option that offers tons of fresh produce plus special events too.

6. Make a leaf wreath.

A simple fall craft idea for preschoolers and toddlers is a leaf wreath! Take the kids on a walk and collect leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors to use for this activity. To help preserve their color, have an adult spray both sides of the leaf with hairspray and let them dry overnight.

Now it’s time to make the wreath! Have an adult cut out a circle for the wreath out of cardboard. Using a glue stick or paste, the kids can then glue their leaves to their wreaths. Once the glue dries, hang up the wreath as a decoration around the house. Such a simple, inexpensive craft for the kids!

7. Create a scarecrow.

If you’re looking for something spooky to add to your yard this season, why not a scarecrow? Take an old pair of jeans and tie the bottom of the leg holes so that nothing can fall through. Find an old flannel shirt and tie the ends of the sleeves off so that nothing can fall out of those, either.

Have the kids stuff leaves and/or straw down the legs of the pants and arms of the shirt to fill them. An easy way to display your scarecrow is to have it sitting in a chair, so position the pants in a sitting position, then hold the flannel shirt on top of the pants, and allow the kids to stuff the shirt with more leaves until the torso of the scarecrow is full and stands up on its own. Add a pumpkin (real or plastic) as a head, and viola! You have your scarecrow.

8. Make playdough at home.

Kids love to create, so make some playdough at home! This recipe involves no baking or cooking and uses flour, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, water, salt, and food coloring. The children can help with the mixing and picking out colors to make the playdough, and after it’s created, everyone can have fun playing and creating!

9. Make hand turkeys.

A favorite activity for preschoolers and toddlers is creating hand turkeys! The kids can trace their own hands, and the hands of adults to create different sized turkeys. Using safety scissors, children can practice their motor skills by cutting the turkeys out themselves. Use markers, paint, glitter, and whatever else is around the house to decorate!

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