Why Kids Love Our Dentists in Waldorf and Prince Frederick, Maryland

Getting your child to the dentist as early as possible is critical for ensuring that they receive the proper care and develop the necessary habits to live a life free of dental issues and full of healthy smiles!

However, that’s all a lot easier said than done. There are plenty of adults out there who are reluctant to visit the dentist, so you can imagine just how many kids are in the same boat. But the truth is that you can go a long way towards helping your child avoid becoming an adult with dental anxiety by bringing them to the right dentist when they’re still young.

Pediatric dental care is about a lot more than just dentistry. It’s about connecting with children, understanding the way they think and feel, providing them with a warm and comforting environment, and educating them on the importance of taking care of their teeth. These are our priorities at We Make Kids Smile, and that’s why kids love us.

But there’s more to it.. Read on for some of the biggest reasons why children love our kids’ dentists in Prince Frederick and Waldorf.

Our Awesome Office

When you’re providing dentistry for children, you don’t have to settle for sterile white walls and some magazines in the waiting room. Children need to feel a sense of comfort when they enter the office, and they need to see something that says, “kids are welcome here.” That’s what we provide at We Make Kids Smile.

When you first step into our office, you’ll find a vibrant and colorful waiting room that will help to put your child at ease. They can entertain themselves with toys and games while they await their appointment, and you can rest easy knowing they’re comfortable and having fun.

The welcoming environment doesn’t end in the waiting room. Our whole office has an under-the-sea theme designed to help your child feel relaxed throughout the whole process!

We recommend that any parent bringing their child to one of our offices for the first time schedules a “Happy Visit” first. A Happy Visit is an opportunity for your child to get acclimated to our kids’ dentist in Prince Frederick or Waldorf without any treatment involved. There, they can meet their dentist and the We Make Kids Smile team so that when their regular appointment comes up, they know they’re among friends.

Our Dedicated Dentists

A kids’ dental office that’s designed for maximum comfort is great, but it can only go so far. You’re going to need some highly qualified dental professionals who are dedicated to providing compassionate care to go with it. At We Make Kids Smile, that’s what you’ll get. There is no kids’ dentist in Waldorf of Prince Frederick with a more decorated dental team.

Dr. Felix J. Aguto, who has received distinction as one of Washingtonian’s Best Dentists three times over (2017, 2019, 2021), leads a team of four other highly accomplished dentists. Drs. Aguto, Abdel-rahim, Baptiste, Simhi, and Langguth are a diverse group of dental professionals who all share in their devotion to providing children with the dental care they need in a fun and relaxing environment.

Our Terrific Team

Perhaps the most important part of a truly great kids’ dental office is the team that makes the engine go. Sure, having a great group of knowledgeable and experienced dentists is crucial, but even the greatest dentist on earth would be lost without great dental assistants, hygienists, managers, technicians, front desk associates, treatment coordinators, and more to help them provide patients with healthy, beautiful smiles.

The We Make Kids Smile team consists of 20 different employees who are excellent at what they do and all share the same passion for working with children. And just like our team of dentists, their number one priority is your child’s smile.

Tailored Care for Your Special Needs Child

Getting your children the pediatric dental care they need can be stressful all on its own, but there are added stresses when it comes to getting that same care for a special needs child. If you’re currently feeling those added stresses, you should know that our staff has the training necessary to work with special needs children.

We can work with you and your child to ensure that they get the care they need from us and that they have the blueprint for a great home care routine to take with them when they leave the office. Contact us today to learn more.

Need a kids’ dentist in Waldorf or Prince Frederick?

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