Valentine’s Day crafts can make kids jump for joy.

It’s the season for hearts, cupid, pink, red, and purple–Valentine’s Day is near. Does your little Valentine enjoy crafts and making little gifts for people? If so, we’ve found some great Valentine’s-themed crafts for kids of all ages!

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

What better way to show your friends and family some love than by making a homemade Valentine’s Day card just for them? There are so many ways to make a homemade Valentine’s Day card, so grab some construction paper, scissors, glue, yarn, glitter, and anything else you may want to use to dazzle your cards!

For the younger children, help them cut out a card from cardboard paper of their color choice into whatever shape they want (a rectangle is fine!). Once your child decides what they want on the front of their card, like a heart, or a simple message, trace that onto the front of the card in pencil. Your child can then follow the pencil line with glue, then sprinkle glitter on the glue to create a sparkling design. If you are looking for something with less mess, you can use confetti pieces, hole punched paper hearts, or even yarn to trace out the pattern.

For older children, or parents who are looking for a challenge, try your hand at making pop-up or 3-D Valentine’s Day cards. These tutorials show you how to fold, cut, and prepare these one-of-a-kind cards.

Stamp Artwork

If you are looking for a simple craft to do with toddlers, and don’t mind the possibility of a little mess, try out stamping! Using any type of paper as your base, grab as many easy cleanup paint colors as you want. Using cookie cutters or fun shaped sponges, have your little ones dip their shape into the paint color of their choice, and let them stamp away! Have your kids practice repeating pattern sequences, or let them make their own design. Once the stamping is done, let the pictures dry, and then let your kids hang them up proudly!

Give someone your heart.

Want to make a craft where you can give someone your heart? Make one out of salt dough! Using just three ingredients (flour, salt, and water), mix up some dough, then shape it into a heart. If you have infant or toddler children, you can have them make an imprint with their hand or foot into the dough. Once you have your design, the dough gets baked low and slow in the oven. Once done, the dough is able to be painted, or you can glue on any embellishments you want. After you’re done, you’re ready to give someone your heart!

Sew an easy paper plate heart.

If you have a child that is interested in sewing, this craft is for you! Using a paper plate as your base, your or your child can punch holes into the paper plate in the shape of a heart. Then, using yarn, have your child sew patterns into the heart. Let them get creative on how they want the yarn to look. Pro tip: Use a variegated yarn (one that is multi-colored) for a really cool effect!

Make their heart flutter.

If you are looking for an easy craft that will make everyone’s hearts flutter, make a butterfly! For this easy craft, you just need a wooden clothespin, construction paper, scissors, and glue. The clothespin serves as the butterfly’s body. Have your child cut out hearts for the butterfly’s wings, and then glue those onto the clothespin. To add more personality, glue on googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for antennae, and then you’ll have an adorable Valentine’s Day butterfly to give out as a simple gift. As a bonus, clip a homemade Valentine’s Day card in the clothespin and deliver it that way!

Stay sweet…just don’t eat too many!

Valentine’s Day sometimes involves lots of candy, so make sure you and your child aren’t having too many sweets! While a sweet treat is okay every now and then, make sure your children have access to healthy snacks, like cheese, fruits, and vegetables. If your child does have some sweets, the key is making sure they brush their teeth carefully so bacteria doesn’t stay in their mouth and build up on their teeth because that can cause cavities.

And don’t forget to make sure you visit your favorite dental team at We Makes Kids Smile! If you haven’t seen us within six months, give us a call today to schedule a dental checkup for your child. After all, we love making kids smile!

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