The tooth fairy can sure do some amazing things. After all, flying into your child’s room under the cover of darkness and removing a tooth from under a pillow without waking them is a pretty impressive feat. But, nothing can be more disappointing for a hard-working tooth fairy than a child who is disappointed because their tooth fairy didn’t create as meaningful of an experience as their friends had. Don’t fret. The We Make Kids Smile team is in tight with the tooth fairy and has some excellent ideas for you.

10 Tooth Fairy Ideas for Your Family Tooth Fairy

Whether your family tooth fairy is a little strapped for cash or has run out of ideas to create a fun experience, we have some ideas that are not only easy to execute but will bring a big smile to your child’s face. And who doesn’t love a bright, white smile? So if this sounds like your situation, read on to see how your tooth fairy can start scoring some big game-time points.

1. The Going Rate

If your tooth fairy will be going back to work soon because your little one has a wiggly tooth, then it is time to be prepared by knowing the going rate, and having the appropriate bills and coins on hand. Though geography appears to play into it, it seems that the going rate for a tooth is between $3 and $5.

2. Tooth Fairy Pillow

This idea requires a little bit of planning, which is why we put it towards the top of our list. If your tooth fairy isn’t crafty, then check out Etsy for some ready-to-buy pillows. Your child will delight in tucking their tooth safely into their pillow, only to find the tooth has been removed in the morning.

3. Toothless Day Activities

Losing a tooth can be a bit nerve-wracking for kids, especially if it is their first time. So, why not help your child better anticipate what will happen by providing them with some toothless day activities. And by toothless day activities, we mean some activity sheets that can be downloaded from the America’s Tooth Fairy website. One great idea is a parts-of-the-tooth coloring and vocabulary worksheet. This worksheet is a great way for parents to teach their children about the parts of the teeth and how our teeth go from baby teeth to adult teeth.

4. Tooth Fairy Certificate

Even if you have a tooth fairy pillow for your child, kids get excited when something is left behind. Have your fairy prepare a certificate or receipt of some kind that gets left for your child when the tooth is taken away. Go the extra mile and include some fun rewards that your child can redeem. A favorite is always a dedicated hour with mom or dad or the chance to pick out what the family watches on television for the evening.

5. Gold Chocolate Coins

Almost every child in America loves gold chocolate coins. And there is nothing wrong with your tooth fairy leaving a few for your child in place of their tooth. But even better than leaving a chocolate coin is the opportunity it presents for parents to talk to their children about healthy teeth and oral health. So, after your child enjoys a chocolate coin, make sure that they brush their teeth. After all, kids should brush their teeth twice a day, floss once per day, and rinse with a fluoridated mouthwash.

6. Tooth Fairy Door

Just like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy is magical. And if you are interested in some magical tooth fairy ideas, then a tooth fairy door might be just what you are looking for. Check out this tutorial on how you and your child can make a door that is right-sized for your family tooth fairy.

7. Tooth Fairy Letter

Most adults still appreciate the concept of a handwritten note. And, kids love receiving special notes too. If you think your child would enjoy a letter from the tooth fairy, check out this tooth fairy miniature letter template.

8. Tooth Fairy Books

Does your child seem to have an endless list of questions about the tooth fairy? Why not answer them by reading a book together that has all of the answers. Some of our favorite tooth fairy books are The Night Before the Tooth Fairy, Dear Tooth Fairy, and NiceTry, Tooth Fairy.

9. Tooth Fairy Clues

Consider preparing some tooth fairy notes if you want a simple, low-cost, and creative tooth fairy idea. Either combine this idea with the tooth fairy letter or have this idea stand on its own. Instead of having your tooth fairy leave coins or bills under your child’s pillow, send them on a crazy but organized tooth fairy scavenger hunt looking for their prize.

10. Your dentist knows the tooth fairy.

Finally, if you want to combine the fun experience of a missing tooth with good oral health, let the We Make Kids Smile team be part of the fun. We’ll be happy to share our experiences of the tooth fairy with you and your child. Or, let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll see what we can do to create a magical experience. After all, we have a personal line to the tooth fairy.

Don’t forget to schedule your child’s dental check-up.

Perhaps one of the best tooth fairy ideas we have for you is simply a reminder to ensure you bring your child in for a visit to their dentist once every six months after their first tooth comes in or after they turn one year of age. Regular dental visits and oral examinations can help prevent childhood cavities. And if your family lives in or near Waldorf or Prince Frederick, Maryland, then we would be happy to see you. Request an appointment online or give our office a call. We look forward to seeing you.

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