Make your kids’ healthy teeth a priority.

Your kids’ baby teeth might be tiny, but they’re mighty! These mini chompers play an important role in helping their adult teeth grow into place. They also help them eat and speak in their early years. That’s why it’s important to keep them free of the debris and decay that could lead to a cavity.

While they’re little, you can help keep your kids’ teeth as healthy as possible by following a fun and simple dental hygiene routine. By brushing and flossing every day and eating nutritious foods, you can keep cavities away and help establish lifelong habits.

Today, we’re sharing a few simple tips to help keep your crew’s teeth as healthy as possible. We’ll also share how to restore their sweet smile if you do encounter a few setbacks along the way!

Establish a simple oral hygiene routine.

Our team of pediatric dentists thinks oral hygiene is very exciting, but we get it if your brood doesn’t quite agree with us yet! Still, your morning and nighttime routines don’t have to be wrought with groans and sighs. The key is to turn basic dental care from a chore into a fun activity.

First, teach your kids proper brushing and flossing techniques they can follow. This short video from the American Dental Association (ADA) is a great place to start! It’s important to follow industry guidelines on how much fluoride toothpaste to use too.

Then, make the two-minute timer fun! Play a funny song or watch a favorite video to pass the time. You can also help your kids learn how to care for their teeth by practicing great oral hygiene yourself! As they watch you prioritize your dental health, they’ll want to follow suit.

Schedule regular dentist visits.

Visiting your dentist twice a year is a critical part of any dental care routine. About six months after their first tooth erupts or before their first birthday (whichever comes first), your child should have their first visit to a pediatric dentist’s office.

This is a great way to get acclimated to the environment, learn how the tools work, and ask any questions your family might have. During that time and in the visits that follow, your dentist can perform a comprehensive check of your kid’s teeth.

This helps them identify any issues, including early signs of tooth decay that could turn into a cavity if left untreated. If you wait too long to visit the dentist, these issues could snowball into bigger problems. That’s why it’s best to stick with a preventive checkup once every six months.

Consider sealants.

What if there were a protective barrier that could keep your children’s teeth safe and offer great cavity protection? This solution does exist, and it’s called sealants!

Plastic, resin sealants are designed to be painted directly onto the enamel of your child’s teeth. Upon contact, they will bond directly to the tooth and harden into place. If there are any pits or fissures present in their teeth (depressions or grooves), the resin will move to those places and fill them in.

Most of the time, pediatric dentists focus on applying sealants only to the chewing surfaces of kids’ back teeth. These are the vulnerable areas that can be difficult to reach, even with a toothbrush. As such, they tend to accumulate the most plaque and acids, which can both lead to tooth decay.

For the degree of protection they offer, sealants are a valuable and cost-effective way to keep cavities at bay!

Use an ADA-approved toothpaste.

Yes, the toothpastes featuring your child’s favorite cartoon characters might look great. The same goes for that bubblegum-flavored concoction that got great reviews online. However, it’s best to stick to ADA-approved toothpaste when cleaning your children’s teeth. These bottles or boxes will contain an easy-to-spot ADA Seal of Acceptance so you don’t have to second-guess in the shopping aisle. For quick reference, the ADA compiled all the products that made the cut into this list.

Floss their teeth regularly.

As soon as your child has two teeth whose surfaces touch, it’s time to break out the tiny box of floss! Flossing helps remove built-up plaque and debris from between and around their teeth. Skipping this step could put your little one at a greater risk of developing cavities. It only takes a minute and is a great way to round out your oral hygiene routine.

Remember, diet matters!

Kids will almost always reach for the sugary sweet stuff! Even though it might taste great, it can wreak havoc on their teeth. That’s why it’s important to provide plenty of delicious and nutritious foods that can also help keep their smile bright

To start, look for lean protein and crunchy, high-fiber fruits and veggies that can help scrub away plaque as they chew. The following foods can also make great additions to their regular diet:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Green, leafy vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds

While the occasional treat is fine, try to limit how much chewy candy or sugary drinks your children consume. In addition, very acidic citrus fruits (especially lemons) should be consumed in moderation, as they can erode enamel over time. The same goes for starchy and sugary foods, including bread, chips, and pasta.

What to Do If Your Child Has a Cavity

Even if you follow these steps to the best of your ability, your child might still develop a tiny cavity. If that happens, don’t panic! We’re here to set your mind at ease and can take care of the issue quickly and painlessly.

At our office, we offer a variety of treatments, including nitrous oxide and conscious sedation, designed to help ease your child’s anxiety during any dental procedure. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that works best for your situation and will keep your kid smiling bright!

Protect your kids’ teeth, starting today!

When you have children, there are countless lessons to teach. One of the most important habits you can instill is a great oral hygiene routine. As you brush and floss together, remember to schedule regular dentist visits and eat a healthy, tooth-friendly diet!

These are a few of the ways you can keep your kids’ teeth cavity-free. Along the way, if you need our services for any reason, we’re only a call away. Get in touch with our team to schedule an appointment for your littlest ones today!

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