Make this summer healthy and fun for everyone in your family!

Ah, summertime. The kids are out of school, the weather is nice, but your kids are bored and tired of the same old routine. There are many ways you can make each day memorable and find fun ways to connect as a family during the summer in Waldorf, Maryland.

Take a break from screens.

Many kids are hooked on screen time, just like parents are. It seems everyone these days is always checking their cell phones, or kids are watching videos or playing games on tablets. While some screen time can be good, even educational, screen time should have its limits.

One study found that children spend a daily average of four to six hours engaging with screens. For teens, that number can reach up to nine hours each day.

To give everyone a break, implement time each day where there is no screen time available. Try blocking out a couple of hours after lunch, and make sure everyone—including parents—puts their phone away during mealtime.

At first, your kids might push back against the no-screen-time rule, but after the boredom and anger wear off, your kids will find that there is plenty to do. Maybe this is time they can dedicate to reading books, doing chores, expressing themselves creatively through art projects, or just getting outside. Some kids might learn to enjoy this screen-free time as their me time and be able to center themselves. The possibilities are endless without a screen!

Find a new activity.

With more downtime for most kids, summer can be the perfect time to get your child involved in a new activity. Many cities across the country have recreation departments that are full of activities for all ages.

Charles County has a wide variety of activities available to all ages, including sports, computer programs, cooking classes, swimming lessons, summer camps, and more. Sit down with your child and look at the available programs and gauge their interest. Summer is the perfect time to try something new and make new friends while you’re at it!

Check out the farmers’ market.

Did you know that from June to November, Waldorf is home to a fantastic farmers’ market, home to many vendors with an abundance of produce? Open on Saturdays for part of the year, the farmers’ market is a great place to take the entire family to check out the local produce. Learn about what fruits and vegetables are grown locally, and pick up some fresh options for healthy summer snacks during the week.

Stay healthy (and hydrated)!

It can be hard to make sure you and your kids stay hydrated, especially as the temperatures rise. One way to make sure everyone is getting enough water is by having your own unique reusable water bottle. Create check-ins during the day to make sure everyone has had enough to drink. For instance, make sure everyone has had at least 8 ounces of water by 10 a.m., and do another check-in at lunch.

You can also make sure everyone is hydrated by choosing snacks that have high concentrations of water. Fruits like watermelon and vegetables like cucumbers and celery are healthy snacks that contain lots of water, as well as nutrients that our bodies need. Make sure to keep these healthy snacks, along with other healthy options like low-fat cheese, bite-sized fruits and vegetables, and nuts, on hand for easy snacking for everyone!

If you have taken the trip to the farmers’ market, you may have some new produce to try. Get your kids involved to find new recipes to make. If you are looking for an alternative to water for your kids to drink, consider smoothies. Many smoothie recipes are easy to follow, usually using the formula of one liquid, one fruit, and then one “extra,” like yogurt, a vegetable, or a seed. And there are so many different combinations to try, like strawberry and banana or spinach and blueberry. Let the kids help out and see what flavorful combinations they can come up with!

Don’t forget to schedule preventive checkups.

If the kids haven’t been to see the dentist in a while, summer is a great time to schedule their dental cleanings and evaluations at We Make Kids Smile. After all, we want to make sure their smile is healthy not just during the summer, but all year long!

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