Ways That Straighter Teeth Help Keep You Healthier

When we think of braces and other orthodontic tools like palatal expanders, we typically think of how they help aesthetically. But did you know that orthodontic treatment can actually make you healthier in the long run? Your teeth are an important part of your body, so it’s not much of a surprise. But when they are overlapping or your jaw is misaligned, it can make it a lot harder for your teeth to do their job properly.

Easier Plaque Removal

Plaque is filled with bacteria, making it incredibly important to brush away. The thing is, plaque doesn’t only build up on the visible parts of the teeth. It loves to hide in the areas that are hard to clean, like between the teeth and under the gumline. As you can imagine, all of this hidden plaque can cause tooth decay over time. If it is left long enough, it can cause gum disease and tooth loss.

When teeth are angled or overlapping, a condition also known as malocclusion, it creates the perfect place for plaque to hang out, hidden away from the toothbrush. Because straight teeth are much easier to keep clean, they are less likely to get cavities.

Less Enamel Wear

When your teeth don’t come together as they should, it can increase the wear on the enamel. As the teeth rub together, this problem becomes worse. Enamel is an incredibly important part of your oral health. It’s the shield that protects your pearly whites from tooth decay and infection. Excessive wearing of the enamel makes it easier to get cavities and can also eventually cause other issues like abscessed teeth.

A Better Bite

Don’t worry. Most people don’t have a naturally perfect bite. Depending on the severity, though, a misaligned bite can cause many different problems. For one, it can interfere with how you speak and eat. And if that’s not bad enough, it also can cause migraines, earaches, jaw pain, and facial discomfort. In the long run, it can create pain for your entire body. When your teeth aren’t lined up properly, your enamel wears unevenly as well, increasing your risk of cavities.

Improved Speech

Teeth that are too close together or too far apart can easily change a person’s speech patterns, but braces can improve this problem. The sounds you make are changed by how the tip of your tongue touches your teeth and the roof of your mouth, so getting those teeth into alignment helps significantly. Though when you first get braces, this may seem hard to believe. There is typically a little bit of a learning curve as your mouth learns to talk with them. Never fear! Your tongue and mouth will adjust in a few days.

Improved Digestion

When the jaw is out of alignment, it can be harder to chew food enough. If your meal isn’t torn into tiny bits, it can be difficult for your body to digest. This causes all sorts of problems, such as difficulty absorbing nutrients, as well as bloating and indigestion.

Having straight teeth goes a long way toward helping your body work as it should. If you have pain when eating due to misaligned teeth, there is a high chance that the pain will diminish, if not go away entirely, after orthodontic treatment.


As we know, braces and other orthodontic care can help the appearance of a person’s smile. Getting braces can greatly improve self-confidence, making you want to show off that smile. After all, you worked hard for it. Show those teeth off!

Do braces really help?

If malocclusion is severe enough, it can cause speaking and eating issues. Having the misalignment fixed with braces helps tremendously. Patients often report their jaw pain has greatly improved or disappeared entirely after their orthodontic treatment is complete. The same thing goes for people who suffered from frequent migraines or earaches.

Orthodontic treatment looks different for everyone. For some, a palate expander might be the first step in preparing for braces, while others might be able to go straight to braces. The orthodontic journey can be short or long; it all depends on what needs to be done.

No matter how long it takes, it is worth it to stick to the treatment plan and take good care of your teeth throughout the process. You want to keep that plaque from building up under the braces to ensure your smile stays bright when you are done. In the end, your teeth will thank you. They will be stronger and healthier for the rest of your life.

We create a custom plan of action for each individual patient. Throughout the entire process, remember that our team is here to answer any questions you might have.

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