Time for a superhero story!

Have you ever found yourself having a hard time describing dental hygiene to your little ones? After all, they can’t see the bacteria in the plaque, they can’t tell when cavities are beginning to form, and their teeth really aren’t bothering them at the moment, so why mess with brushing them?

Though every child is different, here’s a fun way to describe it to those imaginative little ones, make everything a character from cavities to toothbrushes! Whether your little one wants to deal with a princess and a dragon, or monsters, and superheroes, there’s bound to be a character combination to spark those imaginations. They might just want to spend the time brushing their teeth if it’s gonna help them fight off monsters, right? Here’s an example:

Meet the villain: The cavity monster.

When we don’t keep our teeth shiny and clean, the little pieces of food can form something we call plaque. This nasty substance hides in all of those hard-to-reach areas, letting the bacteria inside of the plaque grow and form. This creates the perfect environment for a little monster to make his way in.

Now this little monster is sneaky! He loves to cause all sorts of mischief in your mouth. All he really wants is to make a nice, dark, cave-like home in your teeth. But he can’t settle there! After all, those are your teeth!

These cave homes that the cavity monster creates can hurt! They can also make it painful to chew your favorite food. So what are some ways to keep the monster from making a home there?

Meet the superhero: The dentist!

The cavity monster is a sneaky individual. It takes an entire team to keep him at bay. The dentist is the leader of this superhero crew! Sure, the dentist doesn’t wear a mask and cape, but that’s just because he likes to keep his superhero identity a secret.

The dentist is really good at finding any signs that the cavity monster is setting up his home. After all, he knows all the best hiding spots. Sometimes, the dentist will tell you if anything needs to be done to make it easier to keep the cavity monster away, or even if he needs to fill in a cave that the monster already created. 

Home Defenses

Super toothbrush to the rescue!

As sneaky as the cavity monsters can be, the superhero left a special tool just for us: our toothbrush! Brushing our teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time, is an effective way to chase that monster away! But you have to remember when we say that monster is sneaky, we mean it! So you have to keep those defenses up.

Super Floss

When fighting that cavity monster at home, don’t forget the floss! It’ll help get all of those little crumbs of food out from where the toothbrush can’t reach.

What if the cavity monster wins the battle?

Sometimes, the cavity monster manages to sneak past all your defenses and set up a fancy lair inside one of your teeth. This doesn’t mean the monster has to stay there. The superhero dentist has plenty of options to help kick that monster to the curb! These monster-fighting techniques are called restorative dentistry.

One of these options is filling the cave, or cavities, that the monster created. Depending on how deep the monster decided to go, different things might need to be done to reclaim that tooth. One of these options is a crown or a fancy cover that goes over the tooth to protect it.

If the cavity monster manages to make a home, don’t be afraid! The superhero dentist knows how to send this monster packing without hurting you. After all, he’s a superhero! And he needs your help to fight this cavity monster.

But how did the cavity monster manage to get through the defenses?

Sometimes, that cavity monster is just plain mischievous. He can sneak past all of our defenses through things like sugary treats, or even a lack of fluoride. That is why it is very important to visit your superhero dentist twice a year. The dentist will be able to see if the home defenses aren’t enough, and if he needs to kick that monster out and restore those teeth!

Now back to the parents.

It can be hard to teach our children how to keep the cavity monster away, and sometimes even harder to teach them how to send the monster packing after he moves in.

If your child does end up needing restorative dentistry, remember to keep them calm. Remind them that the dentist will be giving them things to keep the process of filling cavities from being uncomfortable. Remind them that getting their cavities filled, or even getting a crown, will help them eat better, and feel better about their smile.

If your little one is in need of their dental superhero to come to the rescue, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help your little one fight those cavity monsters!

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