Come Along with Sue For Her Hospital Dental Treatment in Waldorf, MD

Sometimes our smiles need a lot of help to get back to being healthy, but sitting still in your dentist’s chair for a long time isn’t very fun. You might feel the urge to move and wiggle after a while, or maybe holding your mouth open starts to feel uncomfortable.

When your teeth need a lot of care, your dentist might have you come to a hospital for dental treatment instead of their office. This is called “hospital dentistry,” and it’s an excellent way for you to relax and sleep while your doctor fixes your smile. Even though you’ll be in a hospital, you’ll still have your favorite dentist taking care of you.

If you’ve never had hospital dental care, you’re probably curious about what will happen since you’ll be asleep for most of your visit. Here is a little story about a girl named Sue who is in the same situation you are in right now! Let’s read about her experience with hospital dental treatment in Waldorf, MD.

Meet Sue and Her Teeth

Sue is a kid around your age who also needs her dentist’s help to make her teeth feel better. Sue loves learning new things at school, playing with friends, and taking her dog on walks with her family. But she also loves to eat sweets and sometimes forgets to brush her teeth for long enough every day.

Sue’s learned that sugar and junk food isn’t good for her teeth and why brushing her teeth is important. She’s excited to start taking care of her smile, but her teeth need her dentist to make them feel better first. She has little holes and soft spots on her teeth called cavities, but instead of just having one or two, she has a lot all around her smile.

Since Sue needs more than one or two fillings, her dentist will have her come to a local hospital for her appointment. Sue is excited to have healthy teeth again, but she’s also a little sad that she won’t be able to see what happens during her hospital visit. Thankfully, her teeth assure her they’ll listen and watch while she’s asleep so they can tell her about their adventure when she wakes up!

What Sue’s Teeth Learned During Their Visit

When Sue got to the hospital, it was like a regular dentist trip. Her parent got Sue checked in with the friendly lady at the front desk, and they sat down in the waiting room until it was her turn.

When her dentist was ready to see her, Sue got comfy in the exam chair, and her dentist told her about what would happen. The dentist would give Sue a special medicine called general anesthesia. It would help Sue fall asleep during the appointment. The dentist even gave Sue a light blanket to put over her lap so she could feel relaxed and safe. After Sue fell asleep, the dentist began to fix her teeth.

Here are a few things Sue’s teeth saw and heard while she was asleep.

We needed something called a full mouth restoration.

We found out that Sue needed to sleep during her visit because she needed something the dentist called a full mouth restoration. Almost all of us needed help from the dentist to feel better. By going to sleep, the dentist could fix us all in one visit.

There were special machines in the room to monitor Sue.

We noticed new machines in the room that we hadn’t seen before. They showed different numbers and made beeping sounds. While the dentist worked on us, other people in the room kept an eye on these machines to ensure Sue was sleeping well.

Our dentist used special tools to remove stuff called decay.

Our dentist used special handheld tools to clean away plaque and get decay out of our cavities. Sue doesn’t like the sound of dentist’s tools, so we were happy that she could sleep through this part.

We had cavities filled with strong, tooth-colored material.

Once our dentist removed all of the bad stuff, they filled the spaces with a tooth-colored material. They used a special light to cure the filling and make it hard. We bet she won’t be able to tell which of us had a filling!

A couple of us felt weak, so our dentist placed crowns on us.

A few of us had more damage from decay than others. The cavity the sugar bites left was too big for a filling, so our dentist decided to cover us with a dental crown. We felt very strong with our new crowns.

The dentist put a space maintainer in the gap in Sue’s smile.

A while ago, one of us came out a bit too early. The last thing the dentist did was put this interesting-looking silver wire piece in the gap. This wire piece is pushed up against the two teeth around the gap and will ensure this space stays open for when Sue’s adult tooth comes in.

It seemed like our dentist finished fixing us in no time, and we felt great! Sue felt very sleepy when she woke up and didn’t remember anything except arriving at the hospital earlier with her parent. Her mouth felt a little funny and numb, but soon she was back home, cozy in her bed with her favorite stuffed animal.

A Word for Parents Whose Kids Need Dental Care in a Hospital

Hospital dentistry is very safe and ideal for kids who need extensive dental care treatment or have medical or behavioral needs that make sitting still impossible. Hospital dentistry allows them to relax and sleep, keeping them comfortable and allowing the dentist to perform treatment quickly and easily.

You can learn more about hospital dental treatment in Waldorf, MD by contacting We Make Kids Smile. We have locations in Prince Frederick and Waldorf, MD. We look forward to helping your child regain their smile.

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