Reasons Why You Should Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Your Middle Schooler

Middle school is a complicated time full of transitions (thanks puberty). Why add another transition to the list that isn’t necessary? Kids entering adolescence are more likely to talk about what’s going on in their heads and lives to their dentist if they are already seeing someone they know and trust before puberty. This is important because it’s necessary that your child answer certain questions truthfully such as “are you smoking or vaping?” when they get older. Let’s look at some more reasons why you should still choose a pediatric dentist for your middle schooler.

Specialized Training in Treating Children

Unlike general dentists, pediatric dentists receive an additional two to three years of specialized training in treating children, on top of the four years of dental school. They’ll learn all about child psychology, growth, and development in infants, preteens, teens, and children with special needs. This alone makes a pediatric dentist uniquely qualified to care for your child’s oral health.

Preparedness for the Future

Parents don’t raise children; they raise future adults. The lessons you teach and habits you foster in your little one will have a great impact for years to come. If your child has good oral hygiene and visits the dentist at least twice a year, then they’re more likely to follow the same patterns as adults. So it’s important that your child continues to see their pediatric dentists, particularly in their middle school years when the final baby teeth are still falling out. Your child has established a relationship with their current dentist and is more likely to listen to recommendations on maintaining oral health even as they get older.

Customized Care

We Make Kids Smile pediatric dentists have training and experience in caring for children of all abilities — those with special needs as well as medically compromised patients. We customize dental care to align with your little one’s developmental stage, providing all the children that pass through our doors with any extra attention or understanding they may need. This helps set the stage for a lifetime of good oral habits.

Education on Oral Hygiene

Is getting your preteen to brush or floss daily a constant struggle? Does your little one still suck their thumb? A pediatric dentist can help with that. Sometimes, hearing from mom and dad that such behavior is harmful to our teeth isn’t enough. A talk from a dental authority figure like your pediatric dentist can give your middle schooler the gentle push they need to start taking better care of their teeth.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry

Our number one job at We Make Kids Smile is to make sure your child’s smile stays beautiful and healthy well into adulthood. To that end, we offer a wide range of pediatric treatment options for children of all ages. From baby wellness to routine cleanings and cavity care for preschoolers to orthodontic and cosmetic treatments for teens, we provide comprehensive care to meet all your child’s dental needs at every stage of development.

Dental Equipment and Tools for Kids

It makes little sense to switch your middle schooler’s dental care to a general dentist where they’ll use tools and equipment meant for adults. Bring your child to a pediatric dentist and your middle schooler will benefit from the diminutive tools designed specifically for children. Provide your little one with a dental experience that sparks a lifelong positive relationship with brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings.

Fun Environment

Can dental care really be fun? Yes! Our We Make Kids Smile office is designed to, ahem, make kids smile. We understand that dental anxiety is quite common… especially in kids. That’s why we’ve created a child-friendly environment in both of our Southern Maryland locations to make your little one’s visit an experience filled with fun and sincere warmth.

Emphasis on Preventive Care

Dental caries are the most common chronic illness in children. Now more than ever it’s important that you take a proactive approach to dental care for your middle schooler. A pediatric dentist understands the developing teeth and gums of children, making them uniquely qualified to identify early indicators before the issue becomes problematic.

If your middle schooler is at greater risk of cavities, your child’s dentist can recommend dental sealants — a thin coating applied to the back of the teeth to block out food particles and bacteria. You can also opt for fluoride treatments to encourage proper tooth development and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Both preventive care treatment options can prevent 95% of dental caries, allowing your child to maintain a healthy smile that may last a lifetime.

We Make Kids Smile: Your Middle Schooler’s Favorite Pediatric Dentist

At We Make Kids Smile, we believe protecting your child’s smile is just as important as maintaining their overall health. That’s why we offer the best treatment and care plans available in Southern Maryland, all in a child-friendly environment. Schedule an appointment for your child at one of our convenient offices in Waldorf or Prince Frederick and get ready to see your middle schooler’s biggest, brightest smile.

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