Oh, that toddler age. That precious time between the ages of two and three that we affectionately refer to as “the terrible twos.” There is no denying the reality of a challenging toddler. After all, it is at this critical time during their development that these soon-to-be preschoolers are starting to understand that they are separate individuals. This spirit of individuality, though tricky for many parents to embrace, is a significant milestone. However, as this period is fraught with plenty of challenges, we thought we could help make it easier in one aspect but providing you with some tooth brushing tips for toddlers.

6 Helpful Tooth Brushing Tips for Toddlers

Practicing proper oral care for your children starts long before they are toddlers. During pregnancy, mothers can practice healthy eating and develop lifelong habits that their children will pick up on as they grow. Properly cleaning baby teeth helps little ones get used to the feeling of a toothbrush or oral appliance in their mouth. Once your child reaches age two, it is time to start teaching your toddler how to take care of their teeth. Though, of course, a child will be unable to own their oral care for years to come, these tooth brushing tips for toddlers will help set them on the right path.

1. Play some toddler-tunes while brushing your toddler’s teeth.

The American Dental Association (ADA) has put together a helpful playlist of toddler-appropriate tooth brushing songs. Adding some musical flair from the Sesame Street gang or Dudley the Dinosaur can help get your toddler in the right frame of mind for a fun and healthy tooth brushing experience.

2. Let your toddler pick out a fancy or interesting toothbrush.

Toddlers can be very stubborn. The toothbrush that your toddler is in the mood for on Tuesday might not be the one they want to use on Wednesday. When practicing dentistry for children, the We Make Kids Smile dental team has learned that it is best to let your toddler select the toothbrush they want to use. So, as you pick your battles, make an excursion to the local convenience store and purchase a selection of fun and colorful or character-themed toothbrushes. Have them in a handy basket at the ready so that your child can select a new one if they grow bored of Dora, Elmo, or whatever character toothbrush they happily used just the day before.

3. Use technology to get your toddler familiar with tooth brushing.

There are many helpful videos available on YouTube and across the internet that you can play for your child to teach them how to brush their teeth. Hogi from Pinkfong shares best practices for your toddler about toothbrushing. Play it enough, and even parents will remember the lyrics, ready to sing along with their child when tooth brushing time rolls around. Even Elmo has his own video about his tooth brushing routine. A quick internet search for tooth brushing videos for toddlers will provide plenty of great options.

4. Involving the whole family is one of the best tooth brushing tips for toddlers.

As parents and caregivers, we know how important it is for our little ones to brush their teeth. After all, we, too, need to practice proper oral hygiene. Since we all should brush our teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day, why not turn tooth brushing time for your toddler into tooth brushing time for the entire family? That’s right, gather up the family, grab those toothbrushes, and get to it. Children learn by example, and it will help them develop great oral hygiene habits when they see that the entire family is in on the fun.

5. Select the right toothpaste for your toddler.

There are many toddler-friendly kinds of toothpaste available on the market. But, selecting the right toothpaste for your toddler can seem a bit daunting. It might take a while before you find the right one. But, as long as you find a toothpaste with fluoride approved by the ADA, you pay attention to the flavor, and make tooth brushing fun, you will eventually find the paste that works best for both of you.

6. Brush toddler teeth for them if you need to.

Sometimes, your toddler will demonstrate enough stubbornness or will just not want to brush their teeth. Toddlers will try to win. But, oral hygiene overall is one of those battles that, as parents, we must pick. Oral health plays a role in our overall health, and it isn’t something we can sacrifice. So, when your toddler doesn’t want to brush their teeth, you just might have to do it for them.

We Make Kids Smile makes tooth brushing for toddlers easier.

If you are in Prince Frederick, Maryland, and are looking for tooth brushing tips for your toddler, we can help. There’s no more need to keep searching the internet for “a dentist near me,” as we are your one-stop-shop for your kids’ dental needs. As pediatric dentists, we have the training and skills to provide various child-friendly dental health services for you and your child. Give us a call today or request an appointment on our website.

We look forward to helping you with tooth brushing tips for your toddler and helping your child get on the best path for a lifetime of proper oral care.

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