A Fresh Start for Your Teeth

It’s not uncommon for adults to have at least one New Year’s resolution. More often than not, these yearly goals are set to better ourselves in one way or another. But what about our children? Chances are, they will copy us and create New Year’s resolutions of their own. Helping our children make New Year’s resolutions is a great way for them to create good habits that will last for a lifetime.

How about urging them to make their dental health a priority this year? After all, a healthy smile can go a long way to building self-confidence.

Kids can have New Year’s resolutions too!

Resolutions are not just for adults! You can help your children make their own resolutions this year. Encourage them to make manageable goals to help them form daily habits. It can be incredibly empowering for your child to take care of their own health!

These resolutions can be as simple as brushing their hair every day, putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, making the bed, or even taking charge of their dental wellness. Remember to make these goals into bite-sized chunks. What are ways they can improve their oral health?

1. Brushing Boost

With this resolution, the goal is to brush those teeth twice a day! Teach your little one to sing Happy Birthday twice to reach the desired two minutes. Alternatively, you can get them a singing toothbrush. These come with all sorts of pre-programmed songs, ready to sere3. ade your little one for that full two minutes!

2. Flossing Fun

It’s not uncommon for people to forget to floss their teeth. But that’s exactly why it is so important to set those habits early! With this resolution, your little one commits to flossing every day. One of the easiest ways to make this a little more fun is to do it with them. You could also make a sparkly scoreboard and put it on the bathroom mirror. Each time they floss, they get to place a sticker or stamp on the chart. By the end of the year, the chart is bound to be filled!

3. Smart Snacking

Picking snacks that are healthy for our teeth might not be the first thing on your little one’s mind. Though it isn’t an all-or-nothing situation, just making one small change can make a difference in your child’s life! When it’s time for an after-school snack, encourage your little ones to go for the protein-filled nuts or the calcium-packed yogurt. Not only will it fill them up a little more, but their teeth will thank them!

4. Water Wins

If your child makes this resolution, their goal is to drink more water! Our bodies are a whopping 60% water, so it’s no surprise that it plays a huge role in our lives. Instead of those sugary drinks, reach for a bottle of water instead. If your child wants some extra flavor, why not look into infusing some water with different kinds of fruit?

5. Dental Check-Up Pledge

This resolution is for the children who want to be sure they see their pediatric dentist twice a year. The goal is to keep those appointments so that the dentist can do their part in taking care of those teeth. During these regular dental cleanings, their dentist will check for any potential problems. This is important because it’ll be easier to make any repairs before any issues get worse.

Keeping Your Kid Committed

Everyone has had at least one resolution that didn’t stick. Well, let’s face it, we probably have a lot more than one. How do we help our children keep their resolutions?

Encourage them every step of the way and truly get excited each time they accomplish a goal. Break that year-long goal into smaller chunks. Maybe they get a small reward after each week?  Never underestimate the power of a good sticker chart! You never know, perhaps helping your children stay accountable with their resolutions will help you stick to yours!

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Smile

With the new year comes a fresh start, new goals, and new ways to make healthy changes to our lives! When you’re making your own resolutions, let your children get involved! Encourage them to make healthy goals for the new year, and teach them how to make these goals manageable by breaking them into smaller chunks. Whether your child decides to commit to brushing their teeth daily or choosing water instead of juice, be sure to encourage them every step of the way! Each day is one step closer to a healthy habit that will last a lifetime.

No matter the resolution, it’s important to take your child to their twice-a-year check-up at the dentist. That way you can be confident that your child’s smile is the healthiest it can be! What are you waiting for? Making that appointment is easy online!

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