Improving Your Child’s Oral Health and Confidence With Aesthetic Crowns

If your child develops major decay that can’t be corrected with a dental filling, the best solution is often restoring and protecting that tooth with a dental crown. The most common type of crown used for kids is generally a metal or stainless steel crown. These options have been preferred for so long because of their durability, but nobody likes the look of metal on a front tooth. It becomes a prominent, immediately visible feature of your child’s smile and can make them self-conscious.

Cosmetic dentistry and crown materials have improved a lot in recent years, however, so has there been an improvement in materials for kids’ crowns, too?

EZCrowns by Sprig answers this question with action, creating durable, aesthetic crowns for kids. Since these crowns are designed specifically for kids, they maintain the durability you need from a kids’ crown while blending in with your child’s natural teeth to keep their smile bright and confident. But what sets these crowns apart from traditional options? Our Prince Frederick pediatric dentistry team has put together a guide to help you learn more about EZCrowns by Sprig and how they can benefit your child’s oral health and confidence.

What are EZCrowns by Sprig?

EZCrowns by Sprig are the first zirconia crowns ever designed specifically for kids and meant to go over baby teeth. Zirconia is considered a ceramic material, but it’s made from zirconium oxide, which is very similar to titanium. The composition of these crowns gives them unique benefits, blending the strengths of metal and ceramic crowns to create aesthetic crowns for kids that still have the strength and longevity you need from a kids’ dental crown. Although the material is relatively new, it’s only been used for permanent crowns in adult dentistry—until now!

Zirconia looks and feels perfectly natural.

Just like other aesthetic crowns, zirconia crowns are highly customizable. They’re naturally white and can be tinted to match the natural shade of your child’s teeth, and each crown’s size and shape are carefully designed and chosen to complement your child’s facial features.

This customizability helps them blend in naturally with the rest of your child’s smile and makes them the most natural-looking crown option for children. While resin crowns can also be tinted to match the shade of your child’s natural teeth, zirconia crowns look more natural—and they look natural for longer. Unlike resin crowns, they won’t develop stains or discoloration over time, so they continue looking natural in the long term.

Since your child’s crown is made just for them using detailed impressions of their teeth, their crown will fit perfectly into its space. This means it won’t just look natural. It will also feel natural! The ability of EZCrowns to look and feel completely natural means that your child won’t notice their dental crown in their mouth, and neither will anyone else! Your child will be able to continue to build their self-confidence without worrying about their smile, simply feeling free to continue sharing their bright, beautiful smile with everyone they meet.

These crowns are biocompatible.

EZCrowns don’t just look and feel natural—they are natural. Since zirconia is related to titanium, it’s completely biocompatible. This means that your body recognizes the crown as a natural part of it, so the crown won’t irritate your child’s mouth and gums. There are also no known allergies to zirconia, making it very hypoallergenic. Even if your child has metal allergies, which can be a barrier to other types of metal crowns, they’re very unlikely to have a reaction to zirconia crowns. These factors add to the natural feel of EZCrowns and make them a particularly good choice for sensitive little ones.

They’re also incredibly strong and durable.

Despite being considered a ceramic crown, zirconia crowns have the strength and durability of the metal they’re derived from. In fact, zirconium is as strong as tungsten and titanium, making it harder than stainless steel or silver. It’s also corrosion-resistant. This makes it an incredibly strong, durable material for dental crowns and especially ideal for kids’ dental crowns.

After all, kids are incredibly active and are still developing hand-eye coordination, so they’re particularly accident-prone. Whether they simply fall while they’re playing or take a hit to the face during a sports game, you want your child’s dental crown to be durable enough to withstand accidents as well as to handle the wear and tear of daily use. The durability and fracture resistance of zirconia crowns ensure that they’re up to this task.

Despite this strength, zirconia crowns are also gentle on your child’s other teeth. They produce less wear on the teeth opposite them than porcelain crowns, which are the popular aesthetic option for adults, cause on the teeth opposite them. Plus, the durability of zirconia crowns means that they’re in it for the long haul. They can last decades, so as long as you make sure your child is caring for their teeth with great oral hygiene, you shouldn’t have to worry about needing to replace an EZCrown on one of their baby teeth.

This means that your child will only have to go through the crown placement process once!

Find out if EZCrowns by Sprig are right for your child.

EZCrowns by Sprig provide a mixture of qualities from metal and ceramic crowns that make them a truly ideal option for restoring your little one’s teeth. Not only are they gentle on your child’s teeth and gums, but they’re strong and durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear they need to in a child’s mouth.

Perhaps most importantly, they do all this while looking and feeling completely natural, giving your child the gift of being able to continue growing their self-confidence along with—rather than in spite of—their smile!

If you’d like to learn more about EZCrowns by Sprig, how to choose the best dental crown for your child, or how to protect your child from cavities, feel free to schedule a consultation at our Waldorf pediatric dentistry office at any time.

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