Building Life-long Oral Health with Restorative Pediatric Dentistry

Restorative dentistry can be a difficult process for children. These procedures mean more time in the dental chair and may be more intimidating than routine exams and teeth cleaning. However, they’re also essential to ensure your child’s oral health.

At We Make Kids Smile, we focus on the following details to provide a comfortable experience for your child.

A Child-Friendly Environment

There’s no reason why restorative dentistry can’t be a positive experience for your child. There may be challenges to overcome, but We Make Kids Smile helps ensure calm and comfort by offering a child-friendly environment.

Instead of a cold, sterile office, children are greeted with bright colors and playful decorations. The comfortable waiting area lets children feel at ease instead of having their anxiety grow. So much of the discomfort that children experience comes from worrying beforehand, and we do everything we can to mitigate that issue.

Kid-Centric Communication and Language

Dealing with children is different than working on adult patients. Making use of the right language to communicate with your child is another way that We Make Kids Smile helps them through their treatment. What might seem to an adult like a routine description of various dental treatments can actually be confusing or frightening for a child.

The specific language we use is one part of this—we stay away from terms that can evoke frightening imagery. We also simplify explanations so your child can understand their procedure and why it’s being done. This helps alleviate anxiety and builds trust.

Distraction Techniques

Even with clear communication, restorative dentistry can still be intimidating. Providing some form of distraction during the procedure can keep your child’s mind off of their treatment, helping them relax.

In some cases, playing music or a video during the treatment can help, or even something as simple as telling a story. Some children will feel much more at ease with a handheld or fidget toy during their procedure, particularly children with sensory issues.

Positive Reinforcement and Rewards

The promise of a reward can go a long way to motivate your child to face restorative dentistry treatment. Positive reinforcement during routine visits can help acclimate your child to the dentist, making them less likely to fear their procedures.

Rewards could be as simple as using stickers to track their visits. This works well with an oral hygiene chart for brushing and flossing, with dentist visits marked by a special sticker.

You can prepare your child for the dentist and prevent tooth decay at the same time. A small toy or other rewards could be in order after facing their restorative dentistry procedure.

Interactive Education

Education is an important part of preparing your child for the procedure, as they’ll be less likely to become anxious if they understand what’s happening. However, simply telling your child isn’t always an effective way to communicate these topics.

Interactive education helps children understand more clearly. By explaining procedures using toys, models, or demonstrations, your child can develop a better grasp of the dental care they need.

Parents and the Dental Team Working Together

One of the most critical aspects of the dental care we provide at We Make Kids Smile is working closely with parents. You know your child best, and our team values the input you have and carefully incorporates it into planning your child’s treatment. Never hesitate to tell us any of your concerns, as they are very important to us.

By working together, we can better prepare your child for their procedure. We’ll let you know how you can support your child before, during, and after their treatment and provide insight on how to reinforce positive experiences at home. Our team is always here to offer advice on oral hygiene and other key aspects of your child’s oral health.

Pediatric Sedation and Anesthesia Options

Depending on your child’s needs and the length and nature of the procedure, simply preparing them and providing a comfortable environment may not address their anxiety and fear. We Make Kids Smile offers a variety of pediatric sedation options, with the necessary assessment and monitoring to ensure your child’s safety.

Local anesthetic is often enough for most procedures; it numbs pain very effectively. However, it doesn’t do anything for your child’s anxiety. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation, which can ensure your child remains calm and relaxed for the duration of their procedure.

The Right Dental Home for Your Child

We Make Kids Smile is committed to providing the best Waldorf pediatric dentistry experience for children of all ages, including those with special needs. We strive to fulfill all the requirements we’ve laid out here so your child can always feel comfortable receiving dental care. You can reach out to find out more about our dental office.

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