There’s no need to fear a trip to the dentist!

It’s been stated that 42% of children between 10 and 14 years old in the U.S. have some level of dental anxiety. While we can certainly understand why some children may feel this way, modern dentistry has come a long way in reducing or eliminating many of the traditional triggers, such as the sound of the dental drill.

At We Make Kids Smile, we care first and foremost about your child’s overall dental health, and we’re looking to make our littlest patients near Prince Frederick and Waldorf, Maryland, as comfortable as they can be during their visit to our office. At We Make Kids Smile, we understand that some children have a natural fear of the unknown, which is why we’re willing to work with you and your child to make their dental visit a super experience.

It’s okay to feel anxious!

Not everyone experiences situations in the same way, which is why some people have anxiety when it comes to visiting their dentist. Some people fear the dentist so much that they don’t schedule appointments to avoid making a trip to the office, which means they aren’t getting the proper oral health care they need.

But why is it that some people feel anxiety toward certain situations and others don’t? One study found that some children fear the dentist because someone close to them had the fear or anxiety of visiting the dentist, and by association, some children also felt anxious to visit the dentist. Other children surveyed in the study had anxiety when they visited the dentist because of a fear of pain. The study found that those children who had previous cavities were more anxious about heading to the dentist again because of their previous experiences with dental work that was performed on them.

While it is okay to have some anxiety when going to the dentist, at We Make Kids Smile, we focus on the benefits of visiting the dentist, like preventative care and having a gorgeous smile, so that children will continue to visit the dentist throughout their lifetime and foster a great dental health routine.

Create a superhero dental experience.

To help our little patients feel more comfortable in our dental offices, we offer a unique under the sea themed office! If you are looking to prepare your child for a visit to our Prince Fredrick or Waldorf office, prepare them for an underwater adventure! To help ease dental anxiety, have your child pretend they are an underwater superhero who defeats cavities and bad breath by brushing and flossing twice a day. Armed with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss, your superhero can practice defeating the enemy (cavities) by brushing for at least two minutes each time they brush their teeth.

By enforcing the idea that superheroes are there to protect, in this case their teeth, many children, who often look up to superheroes, can relate to the dental superhero and will be more apt to do what the superhero does—brushing, flossing, and having regular dental checkups.

Practice superhero activities at home.

What is it that a dental superhero would do at home? Well, to defeat their enemies of cavities, plaque, and bad breath, the superhero would practice brushing their teeth and flossing. Turn toothbrushing time into a time of fighting the enemy. Practice brushing each quadrant of the mouth for at least 30 seconds. Work to brush away the enemies and free your mouth of plaque and bacteria. Have fun with your children while they are brushing their teeth. Brush together, and practice defeating the enemy together!

Show off that superhero smile.

After you’ve practiced defeating the enemy together, it’s time to show off your pearly whites by making an appointment for a dental checkup at We Make Kids Smile. Our specialty is children’s dentistry, and we love seeing our little patients grow up with bright smiles.

If your little superhero hasn’t been to our office in the last six months, schedule an appointment today for their biannual dental evaluation, where we can check their teeth for cavities or any other problems, as well as ensure their teeth are growing properly. If your little superhero has some anxiety about their upcoming visit, we can work to help them feel at ease by explaining all of our dental tools, including demonstrations, and also go over what will happen during a dental evaluation. We also encourage them to bring in a comfort toy and ask lots of questions so they understand what happens during a dental visit.

We’re here to make sure your little superhero has the best dental experience so they’ll continue with their oral health care routine for the rest of their lives!

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